Wishower Accessories

Wishower's Accessories' Starter Kit
Each Wishower comes with 3 essential and easy to use accessories.
Single Use Options
From bed covers to washcloths, we offer disposable options ideal for isolated cases.

Wishower Standard Accessories

These products are the standard accessories used with Wishower and are sold separately. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Reusable Waterproof Bed Cover

Available in standard and bariatric sizes (XL), this waterproof bed cover is made of resistant yet soft materials. Both sizes are designed to fit on any bed frame, simulating a bath tub on the patient's bed.


Reusable Bed Size Towel (XXL)

This 100% cotton oversized towel is designed to provide full-body coverage to any type of patient. Placed underneath the waterproof bed cover, it gets warmed up by the water and body heat during the care, soothing patients after the shower in bed.


Set of four (4) Reusable Clamps

Sturdy and reliable, this set of 4 (four) reusable clamps is used to hold all corners of the waterproof bed cover. Individual clamps can be purchased upon request.

Wishower Optional Accessories

Optional accessories can be purchased upon request.  These were designed to be used with and/or without the Wishower for enhanced patient’s experience, especially during a shower in bed.


Disposable Waterproof Bed Cover

Compatible with all regular and bariatric beds, this single-use item is ideal for both isolated cases and incontinence care. Disposable options are always convenient to have as a backup for reusable ones.

Bassin à shampoing Promo picture

reusable shampoo basin

Carefully designed for ''special care patients'', this ergonomic tool simplifies the whole shampoo process. While it is compatible with the Wishower, it can be used independently in any bed.

gant de bain sec jetable_mitaine d'incontinence

Disposable Dry Wash Glove

This single-use wash glove is used to delicately clean patients with sensitive skin. Its dry and soft texture makes it ideal for both hygiene and incontinence care.

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