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showers in bed using Wishower.


Designed and made in Canada, this mobile hygienic device is a true paradigm shift in hygienic care, benefitting not only patients, but also their families and healthcare professionnals.

Mobile and lightweight

Integrated decontamination

Ergonomic and safety features

Simple and easy to use

Low noise sound profile

Digital touch screen

Description And Benefits

Healthcare facilities, including hospices, nursing homes, hospitals, and senior living facilities that care for non-autonomous patients – whether they are bedridden, have limited mobility, experience cognitive impairment, are bariatric, or are receiving palliative care – can derive numerous advantages from this solution.

This mobile shower device has been specifically designed to provide full-body showers in the residents beds. This equipment offers healthcare facilities a highly secure alternative to traditional methods that may not always be suitable for some residents' conditions. Wishower enhances the experience by maximizing both comfort and efficiency.

Instead of lifting and transporting patients to the bathing area, Wishower literally meets the individuals in their bedroom, allowing patient care attendants to shower them from head to toe in the comfort of their own bed. It is equipped with a digital touchscreen to provide a user-friendly experience and comes with high quality accessories that simulate the form of a bath on the bed.

With Wishower, the time traditionally dedicated to ''basic hygienic care'' is significantly reduced, which allows patient care attendants to channel their efforts towards maximizing the comfort and well-being of their patients.

As the shower in bed eliminates the need for patient transportation, it plays a significant role in reducing the risks of falls, accidents, injuries and infection spread, that may occur during the transportation of patients within the facility. This solution is also known for its ergonomic design and safety features, ensuring that nursing staff and patient care attendants can perform hygienic care to residents in a secure and comfortable manner.

With Wishower, it is much easier to reach bathing standards, gain benefits and improve non-autonomous patients' lives.

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6 Reasons To Transition To Wishower

Saves up to 50% of caregivers time* for each complete hygienic care while providing a complete patient centered experience.

The shower in bed, including body wash and shampoo, can often be done in less than 8 minutes*

The whole shower process, from the preparation to the decontamination process, can be carried out in less than 26 minutes**. This represents substantial water and energy savings if we compare it to the general consumption of shower gurneys, stretcher-showers and therapeutic baths.

*Average washing time based on internal tests.
**Duration of the entire hygienic care process, from the preperation to the end of the disinfection, based on internal tests.

Limits the spread of infections by keeping residents in their bedroom and eliminating the transportation to the bathing area. Also, the whole decontamination process can be done directly in the resident’s bathroom.

The reduction of manipulation and inner transportation automatically decreases unnecessary risks of injuries to patients and nursing staff.

The device has been purposefully designed to make it easy for staff to perform complete hygienic care in a comfortable position. This equipment is also easily moved from one room to another, thereby eliminating the need for strenuous physical efforts to transport or bathe a resident.

Furthermore, the touchscreen constantly displays the functions and key indicators and instructions are provided during the disinfection process, ensuring enhanced precision, resulting in an optimal user experience.


Given that the patient benefits from a complete shower in their own bed, their well-being and dignity are at the forefront. Not only is it possible to adjust the water temperature according to each individual’s preferences, but the accessories used with the Wishower have been carefully designed to enhance comfort while ensuring their durability.

Since we do not lift, hoist or transport residents anymore, we can avoid many risks related to traditionnal hygienic methods. There is a significant reduction of fear, anxiety and panic reactions from residents towards bathing care. They can now enjoy a shower in bed in their own safe and comfortable environment.

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