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    LIOMAR Medical Core Values

    Integrity, Respect and Transparency

    Acting with integrity, respect and transparency throughout all our relationships is not just a policy. We make it our priority.

    Leadership and Winning Team

    We allow and encourage our team members to express themselves, challenge us with new ideas and initiatives. We all have our own talents and combining them is the best recipe to achieve our goals and be a successful team.


    Each individual has a voice and we want it to be heard. Whether it’s an opinion, a comment, an advice or an idea, we will always welcome it with open arms and open mind. We are constantly engaging with our clients, suppliers and employees.

    Healthy Work-Life Balance

    Sustaining a healthy work-life balance for both employees and employers is essential. Being flexible and understanding can only benefit long term relationships and committed work.

    Diversity and Inclusion

    We truly believe we succeed the most when we bring together diversified individuals with their own talents, backgrounds and experiences.

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