Improving Vulnerable
patients' lives

We respond to the evolving needs of healthcare facilities by offering groundbreaking medical solutions like the Wishower. This portable shower device allows healthcare workers to completely shower bedridden patients and individuals with limited mobility in their bed. The Wishower sets new benchmarks in hygiene, enhancing safety and comfort to establish elevated standards of well-being.

Our products

We specialize in designing, marketing and distributing the finest medical solutions for vulnerable patients, their families and healthcare workers. 

Wishower the bed Shower

Wishower is a cutting-edge shower in bed solution designed to completely shower mobility reduced and bedridden patients in the comfort of their bed.


SafeCrushPill Crusher

Innovative automated pill crushing solution that enhances both efficiency and safety, for the benefit of patients and healthcare workers.


Productivity carts

Mobile medical carts designed specifically for healthcare sector usage, meeting the needs of healthcare workers.

A true paradigm shift in hygienic care for bedridden persons, their families and healthcare workers:

Our self-contained, digitally controlled, hygienic mobile device meets the person in the intimacy of the bedroom. There is no need to carry, lift, hoist or move the person to a bathing area, thus saving precious time for the nursing staff while reducing multiple risks of accidents and injuries. This solution was designed for residents with limited mobility and non-autonomous patients that require special assistance with their hygienic care. Bariatric units, paliative units and multiple other care units benefit from this innovative bed shower system.

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wishower Contribution

We believe in making a difference by supporting and contributing to causes that matter to us. We are grateful to have a role in the improvement of non-autonmous residents' and patients' well-being.
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Wishower Contribution.

What we do

We bring innovative and high quality devices to the medical community with one primary aim: Improving the lives of the most vulnerable patients while facilitating the work of healthcare workers.

Providing Adapted and Improved Medical Equipment

Enhancing Patient's Care
and Safety

Solving Healthcare Challenges and Saving Resources

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